Metaplaces x — Free website for life

Metaplaces has always strived to foster innovation in the NFT and Metaverse industries — and this is our next step towards that goal

Announcing the Metaplaces x partnership

Starting today, all holders of Metaplaces Offices will effectively be offered a Starter Subscription for as long as they hold their NFT, potentially saving them hundreds of dollars over the years.

Our core focus at Metaplaces is to create a Metaverse that is useful, easier and more intuitive to use. has the same mission, providing an intuitive website creation service. They leverage Open AI’s GPT-3 AI algorithm to help you create your website in under 1 minute.

So, how do I create my website?

Simple. First, login with Metamask — and make sure to use the address that holds the NFT on the login page. — just as any other website will only ask for a signature, not a transaction. Do not ever approve a transaction on Metamask other than a signature unless you are minting or transferring funds or NFTs. asks you to Sign on Metamask to authenticate you as the owner of your address.

Follow the next steps and fill your website’s information and choose your template. Choose whether you’d like their AI to generate your content for your website — based on your information or your company’s.

The AI is quite impressive, though If you use it make sure to describe well your services by following the provided examples.

Website creation confirmation page

That’s it! You’re all done. Your website is ready to use. From the confirmation page you can access:

  • Your website’s URL, from which you access your website
  • Your admin panel, where you can setup your account, buy or setup domain names and create other websites
  • Your website builder, from where you edit the website

Make sure to save these adresses to your favorite bookmarks. Since you logged with Metamask — the platform won’t be sending you the links on a confirmation email. checks regularly whether you are still holding the Metaplaces NFT — and will maintain the subscription alive for as long as you hold it.



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