Everything you need to know about Metaplaces properties

What makes Metaplaces unique compared to other projects are the following key differences:

Now let’s delve a bit deeper into the details…

How are Metaplaces properties unique?

Each Metaplaces property is composed of 9 unique characteristics which, combined, can amount to more than 6,000,000 unique potential combinations:

What parts of Metaplaces properties can be customized ?

Although the aforementioned NFT characteristics are set in stone, users will be able to customize plenty of features within their properties :

Although portraits can be customized from both the web app and 3D visit, the furnitures can only be customized during the 3D visit while connected with the owner Metamask wallet.

How dynamic are Metaplaces going to be?

Metaplaces properties are not vanity items. They have actual use. Throughout our roadmap, we plan on implementing the following features :

As for the special room, there will be plenty of possible interactions :

We’ll post a dedicated article to dive deeper into the special room.

The TV will lift down from the ceiling upon interaction with the TV remote

How will people use their Metaplaces?

There is no limit to internet users’s imagination and creativity! Every user will be able to do as they wish with their properties. Some will prefer to keep them open to the public. Others will prefer restricting access to their friend’s Metamask addresses.

As for us, here are a few ways we’d like to use our Metaplace:

If you’ve made it this far, the relevant question would be, how will you customize and use your Metaplace ?



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