Everything you need to know about Metaplaces properties

4 min readMar 18, 2022

What makes Metaplaces unique compared to other projects are the following key differences:

  • Each NFT owner will own a unique property in the Metaverse that they will be able to 3D visit through a desktop or modern mobile browser.
  • Metaplaces properties are designed by an award winning architecture firm. Every property will be unique, including in the Metaverse.
  • NFT owners will be able to customize their properties by showcasing their NFTs and customizing their furniture.
  • A unique URL will allow owners to invite other people to their properties. They can also restrict visits exclusively to users whose wallets will be specified in a whitelist.
  • There is a large special room at the back of every house, whose door can be accessed near the stairs, that will be implemented in phase two and that will be one of the following types : Art gallery, Disco room, Bowling room, Cinema room, Game room, Gym space, Yoga space.
  • At a later stage, on phase three, we plan on creating a Metaverse world where every owner of a Metaplaces NFT will be randomly assigned and dropped a land for free.

Now let’s delve a bit deeper into the details…

How are Metaplaces properties unique?

Each Metaplaces property is composed of 9 unique characteristics which, combined, can amount to more than 6,000,000 unique potential combinations:

  • Property Type : Genesis, Legendary and Generic
  • Sky properties : Clear, Cloudy sundown, Aurora, …
  • Environment : Distant mountains, Urban, Tropical view, …
  • Yard : Summer Lawn, Wooden deck, Concrete, …
  • Swimming pool : No pool, Turquoise Infinity pool, Azure Long pool, …
  • Façade : Carrara marble, Onyx black, Gold, …
  • Exterior Columns : Silver White, Onyx black, Chrome, …
  • Interior walls : Pine Wood, Aged wood, Nero Portoro, …
  • Car model and color : Black SUV, Violet Convertible, Dark coupé, …

What parts of Metaplaces properties can be customized ?

Although the aforementioned NFT characteristics are set in stone, users will be able to customize plenty of features within their properties :

  • NFT portraits can be customized both from the 3D visit and from the web app
  • The texture of the bar
  • The texture and colors of the living room saloon
  • The texture and colors of the pool loungers
  • The texture and colors of the dining room furniture
  • The texture and colors of the sofas

Although portraits can be customized from both the web app and 3D visit, the furnitures can only be customized during the 3D visit while connected with the owner Metamask wallet.

How dynamic are Metaplaces going to be?

Metaplaces properties are not vanity items. They have actual use. Throughout our roadmap, we plan on implementing the following features :

  • Screen sharing on TVs that are on both floors. There is a TV lodged in the ceiling of the living room that can be activated by the remote.
  • Music sharing throughout the property.
  • Portraits customization. Users will be able to an add an Opensea link to their portraits that will point to the NFT’s page on Opensea.

As for the special room, there will be plenty of possible interactions :

  • Adding art and portraits in the Art gallery
  • Streaming video on the Cinema room
  • Playing in the bowling or game room
  • Partying in the disco room

We’ll post a dedicated article to dive deeper into the special room.

The TV will lift down from the ceiling upon interaction with the TV remote

How will people use their Metaplaces?

There is no limit to internet users’s imagination and creativity! Every user will be able to do as they wish with their properties. Some will prefer to keep them open to the public. Others will prefer restricting access to their friend’s Metamask addresses.

As for us, here are a few ways we’d like to use our Metaplace:

  • Publicly showcase and promote our NFT collections, with links to the Opensea page. Meaning that the property visitors will be able to click on the portrait to see the Opensea page of the NFT.
  • Organize private parties with our friends, where we will have our own avatars, stream our music on Spotify and chill together.
  • Organize watch sessions for shows and videos that will be broadcasted on the living room or the Cinema room.
  • Play bowling and games with our friends in the Bowling and game rooms.
  • Attend VR Yoga sessions in the 2nd floor with a breathtaking sea view.
  • Organize special events that will be hosted in the disco room.
  • Organize art exhibitions in the art room.

If you’ve made it this far, the relevant question would be, how will you customize and use your Metaplace ?